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H. Jyounishi, Tokyo Japan

Java Drawing Tool DrawTop

Last version 2018.05.13

The purpose of this section is to describe the specification of a compact drawing tool prototype which is a small application and written for Java programming training. The size of the code is about 35,000 lines excluding blank and comment lines. The usability of the prototype is nearly equals to those of the well-known products and it supports the basic and commonly used capabilities. Despite greatly improved CPU performance, the current drawing tools have not improved dramatically from the MacDraw. So, we examined what can be achieved by using the abundant CPU power.

Java Drawing Test Codes:Index

Last Update 2017.06.06

The Unit test codes are prepared for detailed debugging of DrawTop functions. After passing this type of unit test, no serious problem will occur in the implementation on DrawTop. By adding data and methods to the unit test code, it can be tested further in detail, and it will be of great help to improve functions and add new functions.

Normal lines to an arbitrary curve from a point

Text Box

Mouse hit test

Custom Color Chooser


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H. Jyounishi, Tokyo Japan

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