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 H. Jyounishi, Tokyo Japan

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No Date Type function Description
1 2011.06.30 bug fix Font style Bug in the setFontStyle method in the ExecCommandUtil class.
Setting font size or font family after setting bold, italic or color of text attributes resets the attributers of bold, italic or color of text etc.
2 2011.06.30 bug fix connect curves command of util button Bug in the connect curves command of util button.
A connected curve couldn't not be selected.
3 2011.06.30 bug fix selecting a shape and a text box Bugs in the shape and text box selection. Click inside a text box of a shape that is overlapped with multiple shapes, sometimes a backward shape and its text box was selected.
4 2011.06.30 upgrade Enable adding a text box inside an arbitrary shape. For a basic shape such as a rectangle, round rectangle or ellipse, a text box is created at the same time when the basic shape is created.
For a closed polyline(polygon) or a closed piece wise cubic curve, a text box isn't created when the shape is created, because these type of shape will be almost always modified or fine-tuned after its creation. So when you want to add a text box to the shape, you can use "add textbox" command.If you want to remove the text box from the shape, you just use "delete textbox" command.
=> Text Box, util button
5 2011.06.30 upgrade Enable to change a text area by mouse dragging A text box area can be moved by dragging the mouse on a edge of the text area.
=> change text box area
6 2011.07.10 bug fix auto_align Bug in the auto_align function: the auto_align didn't work when the end point of a line or polyline is moved.
=> auto_align
7 2011.07.10 bug fix Paste Bug: The clicked point before pasting was ineffective.
8 2011.07.10 upgrade Output System.err to a file Enable to output System.err to a file.
If the output of System.err isn't empty, creates the ErrorRecords folder in the folder where the DrawTop jar file exists ,and stores the output of System.err. in the ErrorRecords folder.
The output file name is like "Errorfile_20110613_082119.txt". Here the characters after "Errorfile" represents the date and time.
9 2011.07.13 upgrade Enable to display unselectable areas. When a text box is active(editable), the inside the text box must be specified to be unselectable area for any shapes. This function enable to display unselectable areas for the purpose of debugging.
10 2011.07.17 upgrade Ensuring the connectors' connection. => Ensuring connections for various operations
11 2011.07.18 upgrade Selecting a text box If you click on a shape already selected and its click position is inside the text box, the text box becomes editable without deselecting the shape.
=> select a textbox, deselect
12 2011.08.02 upgrade Property Enable to set the following properties to a selected shape.
This is for better usage of a private ruler and protractor.
=> Examples_Accurate Figures, Simple examples of creating accurate figures
∙ Unresizable
∙ Keep aspect ratio
∙ Keep line direction
∙ Unable to drag connectors
∙ Unable ungrouping
=> Shape format dialog, property tab
13 2011.08.02 upgrade Selecting a point on a shape's boundary Tune up the function to be able to use a private ruler and protractor.
=> selecting a point on a shape's boundary
14 2011.08.19 upgrade Display method for a straight line. Prepares the user friendly display format for a line on the "position, size" tab.
=> User's Guide Shape format dialog, position, size tab
15 2012.04.08 bug fix Setting FontStyle The settings of the Font Menu can't be reflected exactly to the input text due to a bug in the TextBox.insertText method.
=>In the TextBox.insertText method, the FontStyle.getFontStyleFromMenu method must be called just before calling the FontStyle.setTo method.
See also: TextBox 1.3
16 2012.04.08 minor upgrade Popup menu for a text box The function to show the popup menu (right button click of the mouse) for the text box  was not supported in ExecPopupMenu class
=>The ExecPopupMenu class was revised.
17 2012.08.19 upgrade Custom ColorChooser => User's Guide Editing Shapes setting attributes
=> API Color Chooser
18 2012.09.07 upgrade Component Library Drag and Drop operation is supported
=>User's Guide Component library
19 2012.10.20 upgrade Mofification shapes New sub commands for the modify shape command
=> User's Guide modify shape
20 2013.05.25 bug fix A simple but serious bug about creating shapes An Error occurs when the same type of shapes such as two rectangles are created one after another on the window of "file new". This bug is fixed.
21 2013.05.25 upgrade Selecting a textBox When shapes are overlapped on the canvas, it is sometimes difficult to make a text box editable by clicking inside the text box. This difficulty has been reduced by improving the shape selection logic.
=> User's Guide Editing text, activate text box
22 2013.05.25 minor upgrade Custom color chooser If the location of the CustomColorChooserDialog is changed, next time it will be displayed at the last location. Besides the function that shows the font menu dialog automatically by clicking inside a text box must be cumbersome, so stop the function.
23 2013.06.26 minor upgrade TextBox When a text box is editable, line feed characters("\n") in the text box are shown as "↲" marks.
editable =>User's Guide Editing text, activate text box
24 2013.08.03 upgrade Shape selection When you move the mouse to a shape, the shape starts highlighting and when you move the mouse from the shape, the shape stops highlighting. This function ensures that you can select a desired shape from overlapped shapes.
=> User's Guide Selecting shape, Highlighting a shape for selection
25 2016.04.16 bug fix file save In any case, confirms whether the draw file being edited should be saved or not, when a user finish editing.
26 2016.07.25 upgrade AutoAlign Improved the auto align functon so that it can process even if the two shapes are being overlapped, or the bounding boxes of two shapes are being contacted.
=> User's Guide auto align examples, Specifications AutoAlign Examples
27 2018.05.15 bug fix Geometric test Updated becase I recieved a message of the bug concerning (4) Intersection of the Geometric test (displaying intersection points with red marks).
bug update
=> User's Guide test Geometric test
・Update: Curve2DUtil.eliminateDuplicationAndSort method

Executing jar file on Windows 7




Double-clicking the .jar file gives the error message: "Could not find the main class:", and unable to run any Java executable jar files.

References JP:

The . jar setting in Windows 7 registry is wrong.

(1) Open the registry editor(regedit.exe).
(2) If the value in 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\;jar' is jar_auto_file, then the value of jar_auto_file must be revised.
(3) Open the 'jar_auto_file/sell/open/command', and add -jar parameter, then the value will be shown as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\jre\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "%1".


Open Registry Editor See=>
(1) Click on start menu.
(2) Input " regedit " in the search bar and press Enter.

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